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Amos and his message

Roy Lee Honeycutt

Amos and his message

an expository commentary.

by Roy Lee Honeycutt

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Published by Broadman Press in Nashville .
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  • Bible. O.T. Amos -- Commentaries.

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Amos and his message by Roy Lee Honeycutt Download PDF EPUB FB2

The Global Message of Amos. The message of Amos lands on the global church today with as much force and necessity as it landed on the people of God 2, years ago.

The key idea in Amos is that God is just and impartial and will judge not only the nations but also his own people for their life of ease and apathy amid human suffering.

With Amos, the messages of the prophets began to be preserved in permanent form, being brought together in books that would accompany Israel through the coming debacle and beyond. (Since Amos was a contemporary of Hosea and Jonah, see Introductions to those books.).

Study Amos carefully, for his message is one that can help each of us find the way to life and peace. Instructions to Students. Use the Notes and Commentary below to help you as you read and study the book of Amos. Complete the Points to Ponder as directed by your teacher. (Individual-study students should complete all of this section.).

Book of Amos. Go To Amos Index. Title: As with each of the Minor Prophets, the title comes from the name of the prophet to whom God gave His message (). Amos’ name means “burden” or “burden-bearer”. He is not to be confused with Amoz (“stout, strong”), the father of Isaiah (Isaiah ).

The book of Amos is written by the prophet Amos, he was a herdsmen before god called him. Asked in Religion & Spirituality, Islam, Prophet Muhammad What was prophet message. The Book of Amos, which is the earliest of the prophetic writings to be preserved in book form, consists of nine chapters.

Not all of the material found in these chapters came from Amos himself. Editors and copyists added comments to the prophet's original oracles that they deemed appropriate in light of events that occurred after his death. The Prophet Amos, Doré's English Bible Over the next few weeks, we will be re-publishing a series from the original Prophecy Today magazine, looking at the Old Testament prophets and the relevance of their message today.

Prophecy Then and Now. Amos begins his messages to Israel by explaining to them that God is shouting loudly from his Temple on Mount Zion. He tells them that God says that he is going to punish Israel’s neighbors for their sins against his people and against him.

Although he was Amos and his message book Judah, His audience was primarily the northern kingdom of Israel. The conditions that characterized those of the Northern Kingdom at this time: a. They were wealthy, enjoying great luxury.

They were morally, religiously, and politically corrupt. Amos Message: 1. Amos proclaimed God’s message concerning eight File Size: KB. Amos, herdsman of Tekoa, was sent from God with a powerful message of correction for the ancient House of Israel.

In spite of withering opposition, he fearlessly indicted the nation for its hollow, meaningless piety, social injustice and general immorality. Amos' message must not be lost on our modern generation.

But as we will see, Amos is anything but minor, in his message and his importance to us. In fact, the book of Amos has an extremely important message for us today in the United States of America, the English-speaking peoples, and the world, and for all nations.

The Book of Amos Amos was a sheepbreeder of Tekoa in Judah, who delivered his oracles in the Northern Kingdom during the prosperous reign of Jeroboam II (– B.C.). He prophesied in Israel at the great cult center of Bethel, from which he was finally expelled by the priest in charge of this royal sanctuary (–17).

Amos, the first Hebrew prophet to have a biblical book named for him. He accurately foretold the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel (although he did not specify Assyria as the cause) and, as a prophet of doom, anticipated later Old Testament prophets.

The little that is known about Amos’. Amos is the first of the prophets to write down the messages he has received. He has always been admired for the purity of his language, his beauty of diction, and his poetic art.

In all these respects he is Isaiah's spiritual progenitor. What we know of Amos derives solely from the book that he himself : Tekoa. Perhaps the most sobering message from Amos for today is the revelation which he received from God that there would be no more hope for a nation that continually ignored all his warnings and that a day of reckoning from which there would be no escape had become absolutely necessary (, ).

The tone of the book of Amos is set in the first reported words of the prophet. “The LORD roars from Zion, and utters his voice from Jerusalem; the pastures of the shepherds mourn, the top of Carmel withers” ().

Almost he entire book is dedicated to proclaiming God’s Judgment upon the unrighteouness of the northern kingdom Israel. Amos warned Israel that the material prosperity which they are enjoying does not necessarily mean that God is well-pleased with them. His message was not popular and his enemies tried to shut him up but he remained faithful to shepherd the people of Israel.

The book can be divided into three sections, chapter messages to other nations. The message for every nation. Amos the Prophet The historical background Solomon who was given the honour of fulfilling his father’s dream, to build in Jerusalem a Temple, in which to house the Ark of the Covenant.

tend to think of prophets being more like the prophets who had Biblical book named after them, men like Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah. File Size: KB. Amos described the consequences that would come on people who had turned their backs on God. Amos’ warnings were not meant only for his day, but also for today.

Amos (meaning “burden” or “burden-bearer”) was an inhabitant of the rugged region of Tekoa, located in the territory of Judah about 12 miles south of Jerusalem. Amos begins by pronouncing a judgment upon all the surrounding nations, then upon his own nation of Judah, and finally the harshest judgment is given to Israel.

His visions from God reveal the same emphatic message: judgment is near. The book ends with God’s promise to Amos of future restoration of the remnant. The Book of Amos is the third of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Tanakh/Old Testament and the second in the Greek Septuagint tradition.

Amos, an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, was active c. BC during the reign of Jeroboam II (– BC), making Amos the first prophetic book of the Bible to be written. Amos lived in the kingdom of Judah but preached in.

Biblical literature - Biblical literature - Amos: The Book of Amos, the third of the Twelve (Minor) Prophets, has been one of the most significant and influential books of the Bible from the time it was written (8th century bce) down to the 20th century.

Comprising only nine chapters of oracles, it was composed during the age of Jeroboam II, king of Israel from to bce. Amos’ role in the Bible. Amos is the third of the Minor Prophets, the last twelve books of the Old Testament.

When God had a message for the people, He gave his message through the prophets. These messages came in visions, oracles, dreams, parables, and the like. Amos’s ministry may have been the earliest of the Minor Prophets’. Amos is pronouncing judgment on Israel’s enemies, and then on Israel itself, for some specific sins.

The purpose of prophesying doom was often to call sinners to repent. That’s why God sent Jonah to preach in Nineveh, telling the people God would judge their city in. The book is 95% Law and only 5% Gospel.

This Amos should not be confused with Amoz, the father of Isaiah. miles south of Bethlehem, but his messages were directed primarily at the Northern Kingdom.

From his occupation and from the absence of his father’s name, it is often assumed that Amos came from an obscure and poor family. On the. The message of Amos, one of the minor prophets of the Old Testament, is somewhat different from that of the rest of the prophets, and has been singled out as unique.

The message of this book is basically to declare the impartiality of God. God plays no favorites. He makes no allowances for one person that he will not make for others as well.

Amos, a small-town Jewish herdsman, faced certain rejection and persecution for his message, yet he denounced the Israelites from the beginning to the end of his book.

Prudent people were afraid to speak up for fear of retribution (Amos ), but Amos feared no one but God. When the people shouted, "Who are you to come into Bethel and. Amos contains a great example of this entrapment technique, and recognizing what Amos is doing here really helps us to understand what is being said and what is the theme of the book.

Overview of Book: Seven speeches pronouncing Judgment. Five messages describing the reasons for the judgment and just how bad they were. The book of Amos is a stinging rebuke of a nation that has rejected and forgotten God.

It is a stirring warning to all of the dangers of apostasy, rebellion and complacency. And we must never forget that Amos is speaking to us, the church of God, the Israel of God. He urgently warns us, "Prepare to meet your God!" and shows us how to do it.

(1) Amos relative to historical context (2) What are the prophetic forms in Amos 5: and how does Amos use them to convey his message. In the Book of Amos based upon the following resource Bibles what are the boundaries of the passage and the major differences between the three English translations: Tanakh- Amos: OCLC Number: Description: vii, pages ; 22 cm: Contents: From Tekoa to Samaria --When the circle is complete ( ) --Revelation and response () --Responsibility and privilege () --Yet ye would not!() --When justice rolls down like water () --At ease in Zion () --Faith in conflict () --The end has come () --Man's end as.

Kyle M. Yates, Studies in Amos. "Amos was a person who could never be taken for granted. Whether one agreed with his views or not, the impact of the prophet's message was lasting. The past twenty-seven centuries have not blunted this impact.

The book of Amos falls naturally into three parts. The first opens with a general title to the work, giving the author's name and the general date of his ministry (i, 1), and a text or motto in four poetical lines (i, 2), describing under a fine image the Lord's power over Palestine.

The prophecies that Amos delivered were heartbreaking and threatening, but he preached God’s message faithfully despite its off-putting message. Ask God to help you share His Gospel in a loving way with those around you. Key Verses Amos But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

Amos – Amos (burden), native of Tekoa in Judah, about six miles south of Bethlehem, originally a shepherd and dresser of sycamore trees, who was called by God s Spirit to be a prophet, although not trained in any of the regular prophetic schools.(Amos ; Amos Amos ) He travelled from Judah into the northern kingdom of Israel or Ephraim, and there exercised his.

Quiz 10 OT. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. laurengoss8. Terms in this set (28) Amos was a prophet to what nation Israel. Amos delivered his message during Hezekiah's reign in Israel.

False. The message of Amos deals mainly with. Social Injustice. The nook of Hosea focuses on one key aspect of. Amos’ Occupation. Posted on J by Claude Mariottini. Next fall quarter I will be teaching the book of Amos to my students at Northern Seminary. I enjoy teaching the book of Amos because his message of social justice is as relevant today as it was in the eighth century B.C.

Though Amos is considered a ''minor prophet'' is influence and impact is anything but minor. In fact. being a ''minor prophet'' does not refer to the significance of his message.

but rather the length of his message. The message Amos thundered out in his day. is the same message God's prophets need to thunder out in this today: Repent or Ruin.

the book of amos Amos was a sheepbreeder of Tekoa in Judah, who delivered his oracles in the Northern Kingdom during the prosperous reign of Jeroboam II (– B.C.).

He prophesied in Israel at the great cult center of Bethel, from which he was finally expelled by the priest in charge of this royal sanctuary ( – 17). Amos opens the way for his message to Israel by proclaiming the Lord’s judgment upon six surrounding nations—Damascus (Syria), Gaza (Philistia), Tyrus (Phoenicia), Edom, Ammon, Moab.

Then he comes nearer home and pronounces judgment against Judah (Amos ), and against Israel itself (Amos ), and finally against the whole nation (Amos 3.

Amos took his uncompromising message straight to the religious authorities of his day, instead of listening to him, they threw him out. In the same way that Amos challenged the Israelites to reconsider their priorities, he challenges us in the climax to his book, and reminds us of what God wants (Amos ).The message of the book concerns God's sovereign right to bestow _____ on whomever he wills, even to the point of relenting from threatened destruction theodicy Another major theme of the book of Jonah is _____, or justifying the ways of God, which in the story of Jonah takes the form of being justifies to act as he pleases whether that is in.